Appropriate information about universities worldwide, networking with international students, help with admission abroad, secrets of winning scholarships and much more – all in one simple and convenient educational platform.


There is the entertaining “Blogs” section where international students post useful content on their own pages. You can watch vlogs about their abroad life and get shared with many tips and tricks about admission processes to particular university.

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The section provides access to a variety of courses of our international students. How to get admitted to a specific university, simple examples of motivation and recommendation letters, advice and help in obtaining a visa – all this is within the framework of a three-month subscription, which can provide incredible value for money. Save your time and become a successful student sooner.

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Over 1000+ of universities worldwide! The most up-to-date information and resources about thousands of higher education institutions are available in this section. Start your university search with the place of your dreams!

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About us

HighEd is an educational platform that connects and informs young people who want to study abroad and helps with the winning scholarships. The platform uploaded the process of admission to universities and obtaining scholarships in the form of detailed video tutorials, which are considered convenient for young people and require minimal costs. The platform includes consulting services, webinars of international students of higher education institutions as well as the ability to track stories and publications on a regular basis. The most important information about universities in different countries, university rankings, official links and a collection of university videos are provided by the HighEd platform.

Who we are?


Ensuring that every student has the chance to pursue educational opportunities abroad.


To optimize the educational and life prospects of students to the fullest extent.


To enhance the probability of students receiving offers from the international universities of their choice to the highest degree possible.


We are passionate about our work because we believe that without genuine care and dedication, we wouldn't be in the right profession.

We are open

We embrace transparency and honesty as it facilitates prompt resolution of our key challenges.


We operate as a unified team, collaborating to achieve our goals rather than seeking individual recognition.

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Toshkent shahar, Yunusobod tumani, Amir Temur, 60A

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